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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Well I went back to one my new favorite haunts today, Brooklyn Bridge Park. With Pier 1 completed you can now see just how great this park will be when it’s done (later this year, I think). It’s a very calming and relaxing park and it already has a lot of green space. The views of Manhattan are incredible. If you haven’t heard or just haven’t taken the time to visit, get over there on sunny day, and I guarantee you’ll be blown away. I took my brother from queens there today, and he was so blown over that he’s bringing the family back this weekend! Here’s a few pics, enjoy!

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Matouk’s Comes To Fairway!

Well well well,…

I went to Fairway Market in Redhook today to get my usual (Lemon Garlic) Rotisserie Chicken and sweet peppers, and lo and behold there’s Matouk’s sitting there all the way from Trinidad & Tobago to this high-end NYC grocer. Nice. Very nice.



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Dusk at B.A.T!

The Firmament!

The Firmament!

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I took this picture on my iPhone 3GS while riding in a car doing about 60 mph. iPhone is a very capable camera phone.

The day was way too long…

Report time 0700. Worked a Pro Israel Rally at the U. N. Spent the day checking bags and keeping the many flavors of protesters from destroying each other. They say political & religious discussions are too emotional and should be avoided. Try dealing with politics & religion. Taking a much needed break. Finally released @ 1900.


The GUESS clothing store at Jersey Gardens Mall had a Live D.J.

And although very loud, he actually played very good music!

Kudos to GUESS stores! That was different!

Red Bamboo!

Well yes!

I heard about Red Bamboo when it first opened, I then promptly forgot about it. Tonight, however, I was a little hungry and feeling for something different than the standard fare, so I decided to go there and check it out. I pored over the menu and saw things like Sugarcane drumsticks, Buffalo BBQ Wings, Caribbean Jerk Chicken… mmmm. Closer inspection, however, revealed that there was absolutely NO MEAT on the menu! None. It was all soy in one variation or another. As I’m so not a vegan or vegetarian, I immediately became leery. Although everything sounded well seasoned and tasty, I couldn’t imagine soy mimicking all those different types of meat successfully. However, not wanting to back down from a new (and possibly rewarding) experience, I played it safe and ordered the Collard Green Rolls (vegan rolls stuffed with sweet collard greens and vegetarian smoked ham served with a sweet chili dipping sauce), and the Soul Chicken (crispy soy chicken breaded with panko breadcrumbs, Cajun seasoning and rosemary. Served with a hickory smoke vidalia dressing.

Well let me tell you, the Collard Green rolls were Absolutely Delicious, and that sauce was CRAZY! It had a sweet & sour/duck sauce with something extra kind of taste. And the Soul Chicken was THE BEST NOT CHICKEN I’ve ever tasted!!! I ordered from the appetizer menu, but I will be back this weekend for the ‘sit-down’ entree version!! With food like this, I think I could very easily give up meat when I’m ready.